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Create Your Pro-Grade Set-and-Forget Compounding Machine in 6 Weeks

Live Guided Implementation

Step-by-step LIVE Guided Implementation to create your Diversified, Inflation-Beating, Growth and Income Portfolio with ETFs and Options

Popular with property investors seeking to diversify wealth with hassle-free, low-tax growth and income.  For SSAS, SIPP, ISA & Cash investors

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Join us for 6 weeks of training - with live guided implementation - to set you up for FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE

Pro-Grade Content includes:

  • Low-cost ETFs and funds - full lists provided
  • Platform selection and DD for Pensions and ISAs
  • Options-investing for 1-3% p/month recurring income
  • Pro-grade Company and Stock analysis
  • High-dividend stock selecting
  • Tax-efficient investing via SSAS, SIPPs, ISAs
  • Fee-efficient investing - save £1,000s every single year
  • Due Diligence on Loan opportunities
  • Ongoing lifetime support in private Facebook group

Beat Inflation. Slash Your Fees & Taxes.

Passively Compound. Invest Like a Pro

Why You Should Attend:

  • Learn a step-by-step way to simply and passively invest your cash
  • Create Portfolios to match your personal risk profile
  • Professional-grade techniques to identify shares & ETFs with the best returns v risk
  • Live demos with Platforms and find the right ETFs, FundsShares & Options
  • Options-investing for regular monthly cashflow and income-generation
  • Save £ thousands in fees – average saving £2,760 pa (or £56k compounded over 10 years)
  • Due Diligence on Secured Loans: selecting the right opportunities and identifying the red flags
  • Suitable for all levels of experience
  • Get to know what you don't know - the inside track on how the pros invest and things they never do
  • All the knowledge and tools needed for a lifetime of successful investing – replicating strategies used by Manish
  • Ongoing lifetime support inside private Facebook group

"just finished the programme and thought it was amazing. I did it to diversify ... Well worth it"

"I have just finished the programme and thought it was amazing! I did it to diversify, but with my SSAS specifically.

The Core and Satellite strategy he teaches for ETFs is fantastic. Well worth it!"

Neil Munday

" ... will save me a lot in fund manager fees ... has de-mystified the whole process"

"A great course which will save me a lot of money in fund manager fees going forward. I really like Manish’s presentation style, no shouty rah rah sales stuff.

Very clear, concise and has de-mystified the whole process of getting exposed to the stock market with low fees.

This gives me the confidence to manage my own investments – just what I was hoping to get from the course.”

Andrew Perry

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(... from other SSAS, ISA and Cash investors)

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My Mission:

Pro-Grade intel - Simple Implementation

To provide you with pro-grade knowledge and tools for a lifetime of diversified, low-cost investing to maximise your compounded wealth

I believe that anyone can Invest Like a Pro. With the right set-up and tools you can manage your own investment portfolio with better performance, more cost-effectively and with simplicity.

The Investment Academy was created by Manish Kataria.

Manish is a Fund Manager. A CFA-qualified professional with more than two decades of experience in professional investment management and UK property. He has managed investment portfolios for JPMorgan and other blue chip investment houses. Asset classes managed include Equities, ETFs, Funds and Options. Within property, he invests in and owns a range of assets including HMOs, BTLs and serviced accommodation.

InvestLikeAPro was created as the home of passive investing - covering Financial Markets, Options and Secured Property Loans.

Manish Kataria CFA

How to invest in: Stocks, ETFs, Funds and Options. Passively with Minimal Complexity.


  • Which ETFs and Funds to invest in - and how
  • How to make regular monthly income through Options
  • Which Platforms to use - and how
  • How to minimise fees in low-cost ETFs and Platforms
  • About Tax-efficient wrappers such as ISAs, SIPPs and SSAS to shelter your gains and dividends
  • How to beat inflation by investing in Inflation Beneficiaries
  • How to analyse and select individual company stocks


  • Pro-grade Strategies that will max your compounding
  • How to create low-risk, balanced or adventurous portfolios – to match your own personal risk profile 
  • Exactly how to identify and minimise hidden fees 
  • The investment strategies that are proven to work
  • Options. An incredible asset class Warren Buffet loves


  • Live weekly guided implementation sessions with Manish to cement your understanding and put it into practice
  • Support from Manish - Live Guidance on your own personal portfolio and implementation throughout the programme
  • To Know What You Don't Know. Confidence to effectively invest without needing a managed pension, wealth manager or financial advisor – saving £ thousands in fees every single year
  • Lifetime Support and Community - via private Facebook group - for current and past attendees only. For continued guidance on your strategy and implementation
  • New Module on Due Diligence for Secured Loans - evaluation of loan opportunities: identifying safe deals and avoiding the unsafe ones. Knowing the red flags to look out for

Dates/Times:  Mon 15th Jan, 6-8pm. Six Weekly Classes

(all sessions recorded for catch-up if you miss any)

Price:            £2,450 + vat

Any questions? Book a call to learn if the programme is right for you. 

SSAS Reimbursement

If you have a SSAS (or Ltd Company) it can usually pay for this training.  For SSAS, use your business or personal card to make the payment and then send a “recharge invoice” to your SSAS administrator for your SSAS to reimburse you. A recharge invoice template will be provided to you at registration.

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Investment Academy Modules

Module 1 - Asset Classes: ETFs, Stocks, Funds

Asset Class Overview + detailed comparison;  Diversification drill-down. Personal Risk Profiling.

Module 2 - Investment Platforms

Investment Platforms: comparing platform features & costs to minimise hidden fees.  Live Demos. Helping you open accounts. Live demos. Accounts for: SSAS, SIPP, ISA, Ltd Co, Personal

Module 3 - Core Portfolio Building

ETFs, Funds, Low-cost investing.  Core + Satellite Balanced Portfolio Creation.

Pro-grade tools to DD and select ETFs and Funds that fit your personal strategy.

Module 4 - Stock Screening for Dividends + REITs

Screening for shares.  Professional-grade stock-selection techniques to identify investment opportunities: REITs - High dividend stocks - Sold-off Value Stocks - Quality Blue-chip Companies 

Module 5 - Company and Stock Analysis

Analysing Companies and Stocks – evaluating and comparing different shares. Valuation analysis, Growth v Value. Technical analysis and Charting.

Module 6 - Cost & Tax Efficient Investing

Progress Review + personalised support from Manish: evaluation of your existing portfolio and how to improve and cut £ thousands in fees pa. Tax-efficient investing via SSAS, ISAs, SIPPs

Module 7 - Options Investing for Income

Options: Learn how to earn recurring monthly income and buy shares BMV via Options

Module 8 - DD on Secured / 3rd Party Loans

DD Framework to select SECURE deals and to identify red flags on the ones to avoid

All Modules accompanied by Live weekly Support, Coaching and Q&A with Manish

All sessions are recorded and available to catch-up whenever required - lifetime access

The Investment Academy will help you:  


  • Balanced and Diversified Portfolios


  • Knowledge for lifelong investing
  • Derisked STOCKS, ETFs & Funds



Feedback from a few Recent Attendees

"We are predominantly invested in property as our main pillar, but were keen to diversify and add more pillars especially in light of how challenging property is now becoming with rising prices in; property tradesmen and materials etc, so we did the course and very pleased we did it as currently we are focused on building our wealth as passively as possible."

Chris and Vicki Harris

“An excellent and very worthwhile course which I am glad I participated in”   
Nick Bailey

I had some knowledge of what I wanted before I joined the course, Manish has now filled in all the gaps and opened up the world of options trading, I'm ready to start my journey. A big thank you to Manish. If you are looking to up your knowledge in the markets this course is worth every penny.  Daniel Ellesmere

“A thoroughly enjoyable and educational course.  I’ve learnt a massive amount since session one and now have the basics of a sound investment strategy.” 
Tim Riley

“I really enjoyed the programme, thank you so much Manish.  I had only ever invested in single company shares where I worked (GSK), so I learnt a lot on the programme.” 
Caroline Borg

“This was an excellent course and gave me two key cornerstones.  It clarified, corrected and enhanced my understanding of investment/equities and gave me the confidence to execute my objectives. Many thanks.” 

Keith Oakes

ILAP allows a novice investor clarity in the investing world which is laden with hidden charges and is deliberately set up to be opaque. It allows you to go straight to the real investment signals with key principles to be set up for future success and minimal regular time input. Bimbi Fernando

"Just a quick email to say thank you for the course .. it's been challenging and enjoyable working through the coursework and then attending weekly meetings. You made a very complex, dry and difficult topic very interesting and summarised the salient points into the course I thought, excellently. I would highly recommend the course to peers.

"For someone who never really knew a great deal about 'investing,' - it's really caught my imagination and attention. I'm far from the complete investor, obviously - and not ready to start yet, but now well on the way. I can certainly start PCA into the markets, whilst continuing to learn more about the satellites and possibly trading."

Lee Haury

"I have just finished the programme and thought it was amazing! I did it also to diversify, but with my SSAS specifically. The Core and Satellite strategy that he teaches for ETFs is fantastic. Well worth it!"

Neil Munday

"I did the course and found it useful. It was nice going through the course materials at my own pace then having the opportunity to ask questions. I also benefitted from being in the Facebook group and sharing experience with others, saving me money.

There were a couple of useful tools that I might have never found myself, which helped determine my attitude to risk and what investment might be a good fit. Without this course, I don't think I would have had the confidence to start investing in the stock market."

Chantal Newham

“I really enjoyed the Options module which offers another source of diversification”  George Darmanin

"It’s an excellent course. Manish’s style is beautifully paced so you get a chance to learn, ask what you think are silly questions safely and gain confidence to start investing. Great for beginners and intermediate experience investors."  Stuart Warwick

A great course allowing me to have a much better understanding of stock market investing and how to make choices that suit my own style and risk appetite. Lorna Hughes

“A great course which will save me a lot of money in fund manager fees going forward. I really like Manish’s presentation style, no shouty rah rah sales stuff.  Very clear, concise and has de-mystified the whole process of getting exposed to the stock market with low fees.  This will give me the confidence to manage my own investments – just what I was hoping to get from the course.”   

Andrew Perry

"I recently attended Manish's course and found it very beneficial for a better understanding of the finance markets as well as a confidence builder to work on your own portfolio within the process/structure that the course sets out. As others have commented, great for beginners to gain some knowledge or for more experienced investors to refresh."

Matthew Bekavac

"The course structure suited our lifestyle and daily routine perfectly with on-line courses available in the week between live sessions. This allowed plenty of leaving time for demonstration, discussion and questions on any specific points. Manish’s flexible, open approach and willingness to share knowledge and opinion and provide guidance at all levels of ‘student’ expertise, is both welcome and refreshing. Overall, an excellent course packed full of educational value and practical content. For once in a lifetime, we actually feel excited about equities and how we can use them to compound our wealth. Thanks Manish."

Gary and Jane Soltys

The course was enlightening and gave me the confidence to move funds from a high street bank to my own account where I believe I can out-perform them. Thank you Manish, Glen MacRae

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